Free Your Hands. Our Story.

At Holstere, our mission is to empower women by freeing their hands. Before founding Holstere in 2019, Kristen lived the fast-paced NYC life, running media and marketing for consumer brands such as InStyle, Cooking Light, FanDuel Fantasy Sports, Yahoo Finance, and HuffPost. Amidst the hustle and bustle of city life, she found there was a need for an easier solution for women to keep their most valued possession on-hand and readily accessible. In this modern day, the handbag is too far away for the phone and digging through it to find your phone is never a fun experience. Holstere was born out of the idea that women have enough to handle on a daily basis, and worrying about their phone whereabouts should not be one of them.

All Holstere iPhone case crossbody phone purse products are designed so you can easily use, drop, and have your phone accessible at all times, so you never have to miss a beat. Made for ultimate peace of mind.  We aim to make women's lives just a little bit easier in the small moments of daily life.

We are located in Los Angeles, California with roots in New York City. Looking for more information? Please see our FAQ page, or contact us at